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Welcome to Dhul-Dhis Construction Co.

Dhul-Dhis Construction & Real Estate is a well-established Civil Engineering, contractor, architecture Designer and planners company which has been operating for more than 5 years in SOMALILAND; carrying out a wide range of civil works, such as construction villa’s Design, infrastructures development designer, Town Planning, high rise building, highway, bridge and tunnels  construction in design and built system.

Planning, Designing and building a new home is not only the largest single investment for most families/clients but also one of the most complex project they will undertake, requiring hundreds of decisions in which every family member can and should be involved, at Dhul-dhis we can help all that decisions and support our client honestly thought out their decisions. We are team of engineers, Planners and designers and contractors, experienced with proven record of achievement and high Qualified Staff who can successfully deliver any project on time with the right quality.